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How To Use A Sex Doll For Easy And Pleasant Sex

This time, I would like to explain how to use a love doll! There must be a lot of people who think, "How do I use a love doll?" I am using love dolls on a daily basis, so I have summarized the methods I usually do! I have researched various materials and have my own experience, so I think you can trust me.

How do I use a sex doll?

There must be a lot of people who think, “I want to know how to use a adult doll that has good sex!”So I will introduce the basics of how to use sex dolls to beginners!

I'm the manager of a sex doll online shop, Summarizes the best ways to have sex with dolls!I have researched various materials and have my own experience, so I think you can trust me.

Now, I would like to explain how to use a sex doll!

1.Things to do before using a sex doll

It summarizes what you should do before using a sex doll.I will use it as an example of purchasing a adult doll from zealdoll.

Check the sex doll you bought

First, check the sex doll you purchased. The point to check things is

Are sex doll options correct?

Is there any damage in the sex doll box that arrived?

Are all accessories included?

Check these three points.

The reason is that when you think, she's finally arrived at your house! Make sure the accessories or options are correct and Welcome her with joy!

Another reason to check the accessories is that all the parts with accessories are useful for the maintenance of the sex doll. At zealdoll, there are several accessories included in the set(head *1; body *1;eyes*1;wig *1).Sometimes zealdoll will send an extra head, or a wig, or even cute clothes.

And some other sex doll supplies:

①Washer machine for sex dolls*1 (cleaning the vagina)

②Gloves for sex dolls *1



⑤Wig comb*1 (hair care)

⑥Vagina warmer * 1 (more realistic sex experience)

Please make sure to check if there are any missing accessories before receiving the package for the first time.

Calm down and decide where to store your sex doll

If you don't want others to know that you have a sex doll, the best way to store it is to put it in a storage tool.If there is any omission, please contact the relevant customer service personnel as soon as possible.

Storage location

Before buying a sex doll, consider whether you have a suitable place to store it in your home.

Under the bed in the room (not recommended)

I don't recommend it because its easy to get dusty.

Closet/closet (recommended)

A dry, shady location with little dust is ideal.

verandah (not recommended)

In case the weather starts to rain, sex dolls are over.

As a life-size figure,change into fashionable clothes and stand in the room (recommended)

Its embarrassing to be seen as a sex doll, but I think its quite normal to see a cosplay doll as a life-size figure, so I dont feel anything.

Choose a porn that excites you before use

Adult videos, porn comics, porn animation, porn games, erotic photos, etc. Anything that makes your penis stand up and make you feel erotic will do!

Before having sex with a doll, let yourself be fully aroused.Some people can have full sex with a doll based on delusion alone, If you want to have a wonderful sex with a doll,I think you should have a side dish beforeBefore inserting a sex doll's vagina! 

How to use a sex doll Unboxing

Then, I will explain how to use the sex doll from unboxing!

First,open the airtight box containing the sex doll,A very important step in an unopened and brand new sex doll is the opening of the box.

Use scissors or a knife to slowly open the box. When you open the box, there is a large amount of film that covers the body of the doll. It's safer to use medical scissors, but carelessness can permanently damage your sex doll.

After removing the film, find the sex dolls accessories and options:

1) Washer machine for dolls

2) Gloves for dolls

3) Wigs

4) Underwear

5) Wig combs

6) Hall heaters

7) Eyeballs

8) Wigs, etc., and take them out of the box with priority,and dont forget the sex doll heads!

The body is very heavy, so it will be taken out last, but we recommend carrying it in the princess's arms. If you can't lift it, you can lay the box on its side and gently remove it.

Please make sure that there is no damage to the doll's body, then check the joints of the doll according to the instructions and contact customer service if there are any issues that need to be resolved.

It is a valuable item, so I think it's safer to be more careful before using it! After confirming that the sex doll is correct, fix the head to the body and put on the wig, underwear, and clothes.

Congratulations on taking the first step in life with your sex doll.

How to use a sex doll sex edition

Inject lotion into the sex doll's pussy

how to use sex doll

When having sex with a sex doll, inject an appropriate amount of lotion before insertion. You can insert it as it is, but it hurts when you insert it lol~.

Lotions help keep your Labrador from deteriorating because they prevent friction damage. By the way, the intensity of stimulation changes depending on the amount of lotion.

If you want strong stimulation, reduce the amount of lotion.

If you want weak stimulation, it is recommended to use a large amount of lotion.

Use lotion carefully to prevent the deterioration of your precious sex doll that you bought with a lot of money.

Insert your erect dick into a sex doll

Come here and experience the ultimate pleasure!

As if to hit the sex doll with the feeling of I want to have sex!

After inserting it, it is cool to feel the sex doll's pussy with the whole dick instead of suddenly moving.

Ejaculate inside the sex doll

When I'm having sex, it feels so good that I feel like I'm going to ejaculate. Or don't hesitate.

Conceive my child!!

I will impregnate you!!!

Ejaculate with enough force.

By the way, please rest assured that there are no cases of sex dolls getting pregnant. The above are the basics of how to use zealdoll sex dolls!

It's so easy and feels good, so please try it!

How to use a sex doll Intermediate

Next, I summarized how to use a sex doll that feels good even when used normally to make it even more comfortable.It is recommended for those who have 2-3 sex dolls because the difficulty level is a little higher.

Foreplay with a sex doll to boost your mood

Foreplay such as fingering with a sex doll will make you feel horny. Some advanced users even use the technique of licking with their tongues.

*However, you won't get wet even if you play foreplay with a sex doll, so practice mainly for actual battles.

Have sex in different positions

Just by changing the sex position, you can feel the real pleasure of sex and feel great. By changing your position, you can increase the amount of time you have sex with your sex doll.

There is no doubt that sex dolls and sex positions affect the pleasure of sex itself. Sex dolls and sex are something you do alone, so it doesn't matter what position you're in, or if you just have your own opinions and preferences.

normal position

ラブドール 使い方

The missionary position can also be said to be the sex position where men are most likely to ejaculate. It's easy to move around, and it's easy to get excited because you can see the sex doll's cute naughty face completely.

In the “missionary position” where you can have sex while staring at the sex doll, the specific method is to have the sex doll spread its legs open and slowly insert them.

By keeping each others bodies in close contact, you can enjoy a realistic sex experience like never before.

When using this position to have sex, I recommend you to buy a silicone sex doll with a good face

Doggy style (back)

ラブドール 使い方

The doggy style is a position that stimulates the animal's mating instinct from animal-like movements and excites it with sex.

The backing method is that the sex doll puts both hands and feet on the ground or the floor, puts her knees on herself, and inserts the male genitalia into the sex doll's vagina from behind.

It feels good to be poked deep inside

Since you can't see your face, you feel as if you're blindfolded and filled with the desire to conquer.

When using this position to have sex, I suggest you buy a tpe sex doll


ラブドール 使い方

As it is called sitting position, is an insertion position performed while sitting.

The “sitting position” has the advantage of being able to see the doll’s face clearly and being deeply connected to it, which makes it more exciting.

The sitting position is a position in which a man can feel a sense of deep penetration.

It can be said that it is a very relaxing sex position where you can lie on your back and connect deeply with your sex doll without any difficulty.

In this sitting position, it is difficult for you to move actively, so you can enjoy pleasure by moving the hips of the doll.

When using this position to have sex, I recommend buying sex dolls with big butts

change into uniform and have sex

Don't you think that only having naked sex is a sex doll?

You can change your sex doll into your favorite uniform and enjoy more exciting and realistic sex pleasure. It seems that many men like clothed sex, and sometimes they have sex while wearing cosplay.

If you're an OL cosplayer, prepare glasses, pumps, and stockings. I don't think there's any point in having cosplay sex if you take off all your cosplay costumes.

You don't take off your cosplay until the end, but that's the basics!

School uniforms, OL suits, nurse uniforms, maid costumes, brides, aprons, you have to buy them...

How to use a sex doll advanced edition

Lastly, how to use a sex doll is an advanced version. Now you cant go back to reality!!

Situation of being addicted to sex

outdoor sex

ラブドール 青姦

Sex with a sex doll outdoors!

Many men are addicted to the feeling of openness outdoors and the thrill of being watched by someone!

The openness and eye-catching thrills of the outdoors seem to be addictive for many men.

I hate having sex without feeling like someone might find out.

When using this position to have sex, in order to see her perfect waist curve, I recommend you to buy a sex doll with a beautiful waist curve.

In front of the glass in a luxury hotel room

ラブドール 使い方

Sex with a sex doll in front of the glass in the hotel room!

In addition to the unfamiliar feeling of the hotel, the bad feeling of having sex in front of the glass will make your dick go crazy. You can feel the superiority of being the ruler of the world by standing in front of the glass, giving your sex doll a blowjob, or standing back with your sex doll.

For the most upscale sex experience in a fancy hotel, we recommend buying celebrity sex dolls.

car sex

ラブドール カーセックス

sex doll and sex in the car!

Maybe someone can find it...This sense of thrill and excitement is what makes car sex appealing.

Car sex at a night spot gets me so excited...

Just to the extent that it doesn't get caught overdoing it.

In the moment of sex in the car, no lady can match a sex doll with a bbw body

Harem with a sex doll

If you have multiple sex dolls, try using different sex dolls for sex. There are various types and types of sex dolls, so you can feel like a harem.

It is a dream-like play where you can serve while surrounded by multiple sex dolls. Two sex dolls are 3P, and the harem state where you can serve three or more women is just a blissful moment.

Everyone wants to have a group of young and beautiful sex dolls in the harem.

just love sex dolls

Don't you think that sex dolls are just adult goods?

Just like sex with love feels good, loving a sex doll can make you feel good about masturbation. If you give a sex doll a name and cherish it daily, the attachment will spring up, and eventually, it will turn into love.

The above is how to use a sex doll for advanced users. Because of the high degree of difficulty, the feeling of having sex with a sex doll is extraordinary.


I explained how to use a sex doll to Adako. I just want to say this to you...

sex doll lovers are free!!!

There is no way how to use it...!

Follow your favorite feelings! Anything feels good!

I want you to use cute sex dolls and find your way to use them! I'm sure you will realize the best sex doll is only for you.


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