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How Much Should I Pay For A Sex Doll?

What is the price of a sex doll and how much does it cost to buy a sex doll? In this blog, I will explain to you how much it costs to buy a sex doll.

This article will answer these questions and concerns.

I want to buy a sex doll, but I don't know how much a sex doll will cost.

Which sex doll is the best price if I want to buy it?

What is the difference between sex dolls with different prices?

When we're going to buy a sex doll

The most important point to consider when purchasing a sex doll is the “price”.

I think people who buy a sex doll for the first time will surely have such questions.

In this article, we will introduce the features of each price range of sex dolls.

The benefits of buying high-priced sex dolls

sex dolls are freeing men around the world from ugly, cunning, and evil women. The feeling of sex with a sex doll is smooth and close to the real human, so it is a realistic erotic doll that is close to the skin of a woman. People who have tried sex with a sex doll may completely forget that they are having sex with a doll because of how realistic it is.

Therefore, men preferred to buy lover dolls and stopped pursuing low-quality women. Many men no longer want the boredom of dating women, continuing to suffer from women's deception.

However, their natural libido often makes them want more, which is why it is necessary for single men to seek sex dolls to relieve the pressure and vent their libido.

For a married man, the wife does not have to worry about having an affair, and for a divorced man, there is no extra child support.

Now, whether it's a TPE sex doll or a silicone sex doll, thanks to the use of high-priced materials, you can have rough sex in any position. 

Therefore, if you buy a high-priced sex doll and lead a normal daily life, your sex doll will last a long time.

Do you know how much it costs to buy a sex doll?

Many men want a sex doll that they can have sex with whenever they want, but they are afraid of the cost. I hear that some silicone sex dolls cost more than $5000, but the price is beyond the reach of ordinary people.

Please be assured that not all sex dolls cost more than $3000.

At zealdoll, you can purchase high-priced sex dolls at a very low price, regardless of whether they are made of TPE or silicone. It is sold at a price well below 3000$, and some are traded for $1000 to $2000.

Why are some silicone sex dolls priced more expensive than others?

The answer is the highest grade silicone that is harmless to the human body which is expensive in itself, so it has to do with the material of the doll, the high cost certainly cannot be sold at a low price, that is, a tpe sex doll is a silicone sex doll What you give or get is normal.

However, there is a safety guarantee even for tpe sex dolls, so please rest assured.

Now, you might be curious about the exact price between cheap sex dolls and expensive sex dolls. As a manager of zealdoll, I can now explain the price of a sex doll and easily decide which sex doll or sex doll I want to buy.

sex dolls from $0 - $1000

Sex doll Some people say that sex dolls priced between $1000 - $1500 cannot be purchased as life-size ones.

I can say responsibly and clearly that this is wrong. At least at zealdoll, which I run, you can buy a sex doll for $1000 - $1500, which are made of the same material of tpe, have the highest level of safety certification, and are harmless to the human body.

It may not be as beautiful as silicone, but it is soft enough for sex and guarantees the best and safest sexual pleasure.

The only downside might be that she doesn't look that great.

Similar to purchasing a Tpe sex doll, you can also purchase a silicone half-body sex doll. You can purchase realistic silicone body parts such as the vagina and lower body of a sex doll. If you are someone who is fascinated by certain body parts on women, you will love silicone torso sex dolls.

sex dolls from $1000 - $1500

sex doll In the price range of $1000-$1500, you can get a sex doll made of high-quality tpe material, and you can actually enjoy sex with a sex doll that looks very good and has a soft body at any time. increase. sex dolls at this price are generally accepted by customers, and I think it's the best-selling price.

Lori, a beautiful girl, a mature woman, with good tits, big breasts, etc. can be purchased at sex doll zealdoll. You can buy this at the most suitable price. It can be said that sex dolls priced from $1000-$1500 are the most cost-effective.

Customers buying a sex doll for the first time may want to practice their sex skills or improve their masturbation experience with this doll. You can buy a life-size sex doll that still has all the important sexual body parts such as mouth, vagina, and anus, the best topical sex doll you can have.

For beginners, sex dolls at this price are definitely the first choice. If you are the first man to buy a sex doll and love sex, you will definitely be satisfied with a tpe sex doll made from the most advanced materials at this price. At least it makes your penis feel firmer when you have sex with it.

sex dolls from $1500 - $2000

It can be said that the $1500 - $2000 sex doll has a certain level of threshold, and it is more suitable for customers who have purchased a sex doll and customers who have their own aesthetic demands for sex dolls. I can say

Between $1500 - $2000, you can find almost any type of tpe doll, and you can also buy this wonderful matching doll with a tpe body and a silicone head.

With so many choices, we can say that it is the best price for the buying experience. You can choose your sex doll like an emperor chooses a concubine. Yes, at this price you can almost choose hundreds of bodies of about 160cm. Tpe sex doll with unparalleled looks.

The only problem is that you can't buy a silicone sex doll, and the facial features of a sex doll at this price are also very realistic that make people go crazy.

You can see makeup and texture features on the face. Real sex using breasts and vaginas is almost the same as a real human, so tpe sex dolls are great.

For $1500 - $2000, you can enjoy a more sophisticated and rich sex doll. There are men who want sexual freedom even if it is less than $2000, so why not try it once?

over $2000 sex dolls

For over $2000 sex dolls, you can get a top-notch sex doll that has more functions and is almost realistic.

For example, sex dolls with removable vaginas, pubic hair, flexible skeletal joints, and various hair and eye styles.

If you want something that is not just a sex doll, it is better to buy a sex doll for $2000 or more. These are dolls that look good on camera. If you are a photographer or artist and want to capture beautiful women in funny poses for the camera, we recommend purchasing a doll in this price range.

sex doll in this price range is undoubtedly zealdoll's finest, cutting-edge, and most realistic sex dolls. It will look as realistic as it gets, with internal skeletal structures, silicone breasts, firm buttocks, beautiful faces, and gorgeous long legs.

This is not a sex doll for beginners, she is too expensive. The sex doll here is not just a tool for sexual desire processing, but a masterwork for art. A great alternative to a real human if you want to use dolls in your photography or company.

Specific price range plus some customizable options for an extra cost

At zealdoll, you can customize your own anime sex doll with a bigger bust size, butt size, or BBW body type, and ethnic options according to your needs using product option attributes.

If you're a Caucasian or Asian woman and want a specific bust size or butt size, you can find those options available on your doll for a little extra on the base price of your sex doll purchase.

There will also be more customization options. You can choose everything for your sex doll, including skin color, eye color, face, breast size, butt size, race, lips, nails, and feet.

You can get a complete custom sex doll with everything you want. Not only can you choose any body part you want, you can also request to create your own fictional character.

For example, if you want to make a sex doll of a specific game character, you can request it.

Tifa Lori sex doll A human sex doll can have yellow skin, white skin, black skin, or whatever you like. Anime characters can have big heads and big eyes, like anime cartoon characters. When you fully customize your doll, you can really let your imagination run free.

Since all sex dolls are made from scratch anyway, sex doll creators are able to meet such demands. To complete these requests, they need more time and effort, which is why they spend more money to complete these requests.


I hope you now have a good understanding of the price of sex dolls sold at zealdoll.

There are various price ranges to suit the budget of the consumer. All you have to do is choose the price range that works best for you and take advantage of what is available.

Many experts believe that sex dolls will eventually replace human companions for many men around the world. You may think that spending $1500 on a sex doll is expensive but think about it.

How much would you pay for a women's companion?

Probably over $5000?

So sex dolls are a great one-time investment that will pay off for you every day.


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2022-10-10 15:49:46

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