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Home Page > sex doll blog > New Brand Funwest Doll: A Visual Journey with Our Authentic Sex Dolls

New Brand Funwest Doll: A Visual Journey with Our Authentic Sex Dolls

Experience a visual journey like no other with Funwest Doll,our brand-new collection of authentic sex dolls.Explore a world of exquisite craftsmanship,lifelike features,and unparalleled pleasure.Explore the extraordinary with Funwest Doll and immerse yourself in a world of unlimited possibilities.

New Brand Funwest Doll

Located in Dongguan, China,FunWestDoll was founded in 2021. The FunWestDoll team focuses on creating and developing sex dolls which cater to your fantasies and desires with safe,reliable products manufactured of the highest quality materials. Through research and development continue to innovate ther product line with future trends and customer demands in mind.

Our Mission

Create Everlasting Love and Fun

At FunWestDoll, our primary purpose is to Create Everlasting Love and Fun. We are picturing a world where people could release and play out their deepest desires and live with ultimate satisfaction. We decided to devote all our passion and energy to the development and manufacturing of lifelike and fantasy love dolls.

Our Vission

To Be A Maker Of Love And Pleasure

Life is not always perfect and satisfying.Our bodies and minds are constantly tormented by stress, loneliness and sadness.People need to find true peace and companionship to refresh themselves and relight their love for life.So,at FunWestDoll,creating easy and pure love is our biggest motivation.We want to be a maker of perfect love and pleasure,not just a maker of sex toys.Each of our dolls is made of carefully selected and safe materials and produced through skilled production technology and detail carving.Our careful and hard-working workers pour their love of life into every process of production.Each doll is carefully handcrafted according to your requirements.They are pure, unique and only belong to you.

Our Values

Customer satisfaction is our priority.We are open to any suggestions.Listening to customer feedback and in-depth understanding of customer needs have always been the source of inspiration for our product development.It helps us to continuously explore technology innovation and product improvement,and also make our products richer and more diverse to meet various customer demands and tastes.

Funwest Doll Introduction

Funwest Doll is the most realistic,high-quality and impressive love doll anywhere in the world.

The skin of Funwest Doll is made of high quality TPE (thermoplastic elastomer).A sturdy and flexible skeleton as well as a reinforced resin skull for TPE head are required to support the body.

All materials comply with health safety standards and are harmless to humans as well as being environmentally friendly.

high-quality and impressive love doll

ncluded with every purchase:

high-quality and impressive love doll

1x Funwesst Doll body

1x Funwest Doll head

1x Wig (according to order)

1x Eyes (according to order)



1x Lingerie (random color)

1x White gloves for handling

1x Water washing douche

1x TPE material for repair

1x USB heating probe

1x Care blanket 1x Comb

Funwest Doll Assembly

We understand that you can't wait for all the fun you're going to have with your Funwest Doll !

First thing you should know, in order to ship safely and efficiently, the doll head is detached from the body.

You need to attach the head to make the doll fully assembled.


This process is very simple, line both parts up and rotate clockwise,be careful to avoid the two layers of skin from catching on each other.

Once the doll is fully assembled, feel free to see how the doll look in the provided lingerie,or perhaps something else you had in mind?

Lastly, a quick reminder that you should always use a high-quality water- based lubricant with the doll and to store the doll in a flat, rested position.

Funwest Doll Movement Range

Funwest Doll is made of simulation human body. Due to the characteristics of the product itself, excessive activity or too large a movement angle may result in the rupture of the doll skin, thus please read the instructions and take good care of the doll in use.

Funwest Doll Warranty

We promise every Funwest Doll is made to order and every new doll is protected against manufacturing defects in materials and/or workmanship.  We will require the customer to report the defect upon delivery and complete a standard procedure for warranty claims that will involve media such as photos and videos to help us identify the fault with the doll.  This is mandatory.

Funwest Doll warranty does not include wear and tear, damage or decrease in performance such as:

  • Wear and tear associated with general usage

  • Damage that has been caused by excessive force or inappropriate use

  • Damage caused by improper care that goes against the suggestions in this care guide

  • Damage from transport or mishandling

  • Damage from objects or accessories used on or to the product

  • Damage caused by clothing or chemicals

  • Damage caused by natural events such as flooding or fires

  • Damage caused by pets or animals

Funwest Doll Disclaimer

  1. The doll head and body are created by the sculptors freely using their It does not involve imitation to any portraits of real people.

  2. Due to the adult product property of dolls, it is forbidden to use orpurchase by people under 18 years of  Please store the doll properly and keep it out of the reach of children.

  3. It is forbidden to display the doll naked in public places,themanufacturer shall take no responsibility for any consequences arising

  4. The doll is a personal item, the manufacturer shall take noresponsibility for the spread of diseases caused by unauthorized

  5. Pleasedispose properly when the doll is not

In this special recommend some popular funwetsdoll for your reference, I hope you can choose your favorite sex doll.

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159cm League of Legends(lol) Jinx cosplay sexdoll

We guarantee high-quality dolls,the unique production process makes the doll's skin surface smooth and delicate, full of elasticity.

We hope this article helps you.If you need further information or additional details, please feel free to let us know.

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